Rancho Zabaco

Sonoma County

A series of ridges and valleys, positioned diagonally to the ocean by the clashing of the earth's crust over millennia, give Sonoma County its famous collection of climate zones, soil types and vineyard sites. All of the forces of nature conspired here to make a perfect vineyard for any type of wine grape. The vast Pacific Ocean ushers in cooling breezes that spawn fog banks, which continually settle over the vines. Further inland, broad alluvial plains fill the eastern portion of the county, where sun-loving varieties, like Zinfandel, prosper best. Eroded volcanoes, upturned mountaintop seabeds, river rocks and silt provide the raw materials for vineyard soils that suit each vine to perfection.

Sonoma Heritage Vines Zinfandel delivers an abundance of black fruits and spice. More notes.

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