Rancho Zabaco

Rancho Zabaco History

Zinfandel has continued to develop a core of enthusiasts who have inspired legions of wine lovers to discover the range and subtlety of the varietal. Our wines have evolved over the years, but at Rancho Zabaco, our philosophy has remained the same. In each of our Zinfandel wines, we strive for intense flavor without removing any unique characteristics the vineyards impart to the grapes. As we learn more about each block in each vineyard, we’re leaving behind a map of the direction for our blends: more elegance layered over the intensity. It takes time to recognize the flavor and character differences that emerge from the right vine in exactly the right place, and we only have one harvest each year as our classroom. We believe we still haven’t nailed our vision of the perfect wine, but we’re getting closer with every vintage.

Rancho Zabaco wines exhibit both intensity and sophistication. Learn more.

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